pantalon femme Imperméable Respirant
pantalon pluie moto facile enfiler
pantalon moto pluie et froid
pantalon de pluie moto facile a mettre
pantalon de pluie moto avec protection
pantalon veste pluie chaud moto
pantalon pluie femme facile enfiler
tablier pluie accessoire scooter
Equipment moto femme
equipment moto casque


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We put on the right leg and Hop, we drape the left leg!

The rain pants Scootcoat unisex is a revolution on 2 wheels! Express to put on: Total protection from rain, weather, dust and can also be slipped over a skirt and covered her legs. No more acrobatics and heat strokes before starting! It is SILENT... Elegant, a real fashionable shield against the rain! Finally free! Less than 10 seconds - It fits perfectly, on motorcycles, scooters, bicycles and all means of urban mobility. Perfectly waterproof and breathable an inseparable must.

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