Brand history

SCOOTCOAT is a company committed to sustainability and the pleasure of living.

Its products are designed with loyalty and passion so that its users can be proud of their acquisition every day. To this end, the products are particularly studied in order to fulfill their expert mission but also to become a useful accessory outside its privileged field of application and thus fulfill versatile parallel functions, with elegance.

They combine recognized quality with a timeless style that ensures their long life.

A way to feel good and to testify to it, every day in urban mobility.


woman wearing rain trousers series shooting

No more wasted minutes gearing up in rainy weather! 
①Hop! I put on my right leg
②I drape the left!
③I close to the belt
⑤ I reduce to the left
⑥There you go!


Lchic rain pants

Le fashion weather shield

The Scootcoat pants are waterproof, rainproof, anti-cold, anti-pollution, and unisex. it puts on in 10 seconds. Its cotton-polyester canvas is lined with high-density satin polyester and resists the heat of the exhaust pipe. Its seams are heat sealed. These overtrousers fit folded into a helmet. It adjusts finely to all sizes. It protects the passenger wearing it in bad weather.


  • Easy to put on even if I don't have 6 months of yoga behind me;
  • Easy to put on if I don't feel like (or have the time) to take my shoes off;
  • Makes me feel like I'm wearing nice pants, a little fitted, just right;
  • Gives the impression to the person looking at me that I have really nice pants today (Emmanuelle, my wife, incidentally tells me spontaneously the evening when I arrive with "Your pants are beautiful, you just bought it");
  • Accompanies walking (or pedaling) with a very elegant silence;
  • Easy to take off even if I don't have 15 minutes of yoga behind me;
  • Easy to remove even if I don't feel like (or have the time) to take my shoes off;
  • Even in a skirt, it does the job.


ScootCoat rain pants, a clever and practical cut

To try to explain, the pants are halfway in terms of design between the cowboy chaps and the pants. One of the two legs opens completely with a scratch system. Result the opening to put on the first leg, the right is gigantic, there is only to slip the foot (shoes). Once this foot is slipped into the pants, we belt the top of the pants around the waist (again with a scratch system) for a perfect fit to the waist. Choose to wear it high waisted or low waisted, as you wish. It's time to drape the left leg. Finally, at the level of the calves, if you wish you can adjust the tightening (with a… scratch of course) for a perfect fit along the legs. Reading all this took you a minute, doing it will take you 30 seconds the first few times, 15 afterwards. 8 if you are the ScootCoat world closing champion.


>> "ScootCoat, the chic good style rain pants" by Jérôme Sorrel from Weelz!